Saint Patricks Day


Today not only honors Saint Patrick, but also the arrival of Christianity to Ireland by celebrating the heritage and culture of the Irish in general!

Celebrations such as public parades, wearing green and indulging in traditional Irish ales are all ways in which the world pays respect to Irish tradition. Oops… Let’s not forget that Christians are supposed to be honoring Lent, so what does this celebratory event mean on your 40 Days of restrictions… Well, eating and drinking alcohol bans are lifted for 24 Hours!

This year I chose to mark the date March 17th on the streets of New York City with an estimated 200,000 people celebrating the revelry of Saint Patrick… I wore GREEN, drank some GF Beer/cider and marinated in the glory of all things Bagpipes!

Besides this permitted ‘Cheat-Day’ why is St Patrick’s Day important?!
You see, Saint Patrick was born in the 4th century and most of what we know to be his biography stems from the Declaration he allegedly wrote himself. He came from a family committed to the church and was allegedly kidnapped and taken as a slave, he spent six years in Galactic Ireland working as a shepherd. After finding God on this journey, Patrick said that God told him to flee and upon making his way home, went into the priesthood on a mission to help converting his motherland to Christianity.

As he spent his years evangelizing Ireland, St Patrick converted “thousands” of Irish to the religion of Christianity. Upon his death on the 17th of March, St Patrick became Ireland’s foremost saint to which his memory is still honored to this day and the Irish along with the Irish wannabes, I say that with all do respect, take to the streets around the globe to revel in all things Irish … If they only knew what it all truly meant.

I saw more youngin’s congregated in celebration today, than I had in a long time, interestingly religion rates are crashing within the Y Generation with an estimated one-third noted in a recent study as being non-believers.

So @TheYLife asks Y Celebrate what you don’t believe in Y’s?!