Summer Fashion Trends


Well as we all know the hump of Summer has feverishly left us begging for Fall to fall upon us! But since we still have August to go, here are some fashion forward Summer Tips!

Color: Emerald Green…Whether it’s the subtextual context of the ‘going GREEN’ initiative where Americans are inundated with the idea the color green stands for making the world a better place or the fact that designers are donning Hollywood starlets in everything and anything with jewel tones… The Richer the better!

Style: BoHo Chic… No matter what the occasion may be– BOHO is SO..SO.. Perfect! Whether you are planning for a night out on the town, a gala or a date night with your someone special…
the relaxed sense of BoHo has turned BoNo into BoYes! It has become so easy to turn a BoHo inspired dress into an evening gown or a long BoHo shirt into the perfect dinner date side dish!

Accessories: Rock My World Summer is the perfect time to break out the stones! Whether precious, semi-precious or faux fashion jewels– the last month of Summer is THE time to glam up every outfit with glitz and glam! Colorful florescent pinks, blues and yellows have been a constant highlight of bejeweled necklaces on every YWoman this summer and keep them handy… We know they will be used to embellish those turtlenecks next month!

Shoes: Rub My Feet My new favorite Summer Trend comes in the shape of Rubber soles! MEL is their namesake and they will only be setting you back $50 Bucks! In fact, it is the BEST 50 Bucks you will spend if you are a working YGirl, who is not just looking for style but comfort! They mold right to your feet and prevent those deadly blisters from festering up!
Try them and you will thank me!