A Dash A Day Of Cinnamon For Your Health

It’s something that may go unperceived in our food or latter but has a world of benefits for your body. Not to mention, it’s been used for thousands of years for its benefits and it only takes a dash daily for it to work.

What are they? Take a look.

1. Various studies show cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar meaning it helps stabilize your energy and moods.

2. It’s anti-inflammatory properties help not only with beauty but also with pain. When it comes to beauty, a cinnamon and honey mask will help take alway inflammation from he face and it’s a great exfoliant too.  When it comes to pain, that same cinnamon and honey mask helps soothe pain caused by arthritis. Just rub it on the affected area.

3. It’s a great food preservative which is why a lot of Asian countries have used it in their  cuisine in the past. It’s a natural anti-bacterial/ anti-microbial which helps not only with preserving food and warding off mold but also with skin health. If you have a rash or some sort of skin issue, rub some cinnamon on it to help keep microbes and bacteria at bay.

4. Cinnamon is said to help stave off cancer. According to cityofhope.org, scientists have found it interferes with a protein which helps tumors feed off a blood supply which would help them grow. In other words, it helps interfere with the cancer’s food supply which would help it grow and spread.

5. Just smelling cinnamon helps boost your brain! It boosts cognitive memory and function. A study by Wheeling Jesuit University shows the scent of cinnamon can “enhance perception, memory and other cognitive functions.” So grab some cinnamon flavored gum instead of mint next time!