A Dashing Dozen #Treats For U!


On the third day of dishing on our #DashingDozen’s- I thought it was only appropriate to find a dozen ways for the Y woman to treat herself this weekend, being that it is Thursday and we can already taste the freedom that comes in toe with Saturday and Sunday! There is a sense of relaxation and positivity that fills you come Friday morning, in part because you know your empowered X observer at work, that one who peers over your desk like Wilson (Home Improvement) watching your every move to ensure you are keeping busy enough.. YES, That ONE will be far far away!

Y’s have quite the slighted reputation, a stereotype of lazy and stubbor-ness top our list of qualifications according to those generations who came before us… for some reason our ability to get things done, while wanting to carry on a smile and listen to some tunes has in essence left the relationship between a Y and their #BabyBooming boss lost in the translation of the generational gap!

I realized being able to revitalize the spirit throughout our off days is of the utmost importance to every Y woman, so here is a list of a Dashing Dozen Treats just for you!

1. Start your Friday by having a glass of wine… scratch that have a bottle

2. Indulge your senses with a slice of chocolate cake & don’t feel guilty about it!

3. Saturday morning calls for treating 10 lil fingers & toes to a Manicure & Pedicure

4. Go to your favorite clothing store and treat yourself to a new outfit… there is something so exciting about delving through racks to find your size, exploring different looks in the dressing room and adding a new piece to your wardrobe!

5. Voyage to your favorite hotel lounge for a cup of tea… bring your favorite book along for the afternoon delight!

6. Jewelry – costume of course, if you must! BUT you can always visit a discount retailer and invest in a quality piece of jewelry at an adorable price, but costume pieces do the trick just as well…

“I think the idea of mixing luxury and mass-market fashion is very modern, very now – no one wears head-to-toe designer anymore.” – Alexander McQueen

7. Take a bubble bath – there is something about warm water and some lavender oil that is extraordinarily relaxing! (Whole Foods has a great selection of Lavender Oil)

8. Charity… Do something good for someone else, you might surprise yourself, but this is actually one of the most self- gratifying of the treats! The act of helping others will inspire and fill you with a sense of hope that may not cost you anything in the monetary sense, but will make you rich in luv!

9. Take yourself to a movie or play… it’s surprising what just two hours of departing from your world and stepping into someone else’s can do for your inner self.

10. Visit your local authentic ethnic restaurant and treat yourself to the joy that comes from exploring new cultures without having to spend an arm and a leg on travel costs!

11. Adopt a Pet… I know this may be a bit crazy, but there is just something wildly exciting in adopting a little life.. Animals fill your heart with joy and they only dish out unconditional love!

12. Go get Plucked, Waxed and Threaded! Ladies whether it is your eyes, thighs or inner sides…there is no feeling like the instant gratification felt by your body when you get rid of those excess hairs… TRUST ME your body will thank you once the weight has been lifted!

These dashing dozen ways to pamper yourself are not just the perfect way to spend your weekend, but they will re-energize you in an affordable Y way! So I decided to take on the challenge myself and this weekend, I will make my greatest attempt at accomplishing as many of these #DashingDozenTreats as I can all while posting my progress for each and every one of U… #StayTuned!