Dish on #DozenDishes NEVER 2 Eat on a #DATE


In keeping with the daily dozen theme this week, I must share with every Y woman a topic that has been biting that the helm of my pet peeves for the longest time! You see, just last week on Valentines Day, I was out to dinner celebrating #LUV with my valentine, my mom of course, and saw dozens of young romances in full bloom. You could instantly detect who was on their first date, when the relationships were in the midst of a bloom and the married #LUV… from a mile away, just by the level of comfortability between the two.

Although chivalry was detected pretty much D.O.A. and not having a pulse in society for the past few years now, judgments are still in full swing… and for this there are no signals ladies. Splish, Splash went the soy sauce all over her little pink lace number, and I watched as his eyes go straight to the stain. It’s like that old commercial for detergent, where the woman spilled sauce on her shirt before the job interview, and next thing you know, the stain had a life of its own and started speaking. Well, poor girl that is exactly what occurred when she indulged in the wrong #Date-Dish!

So I knew it was my civic duty to help Y ladies take note, by dishing on the #Dozen dishes you NEVER eat on a #Date:

1. Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce… doesn’t fail, a #Splash is a given #SpaghettiWhipLash!

2. Broccoli… The second you munch on a sprig, that green confetti will multiply in your teeth!

3. Salad with Vinaigrette Dressing... stick to creamy dressings like Ranch or Honey Mustard that won’t set off the #dressingsprinklers!

4. Spinach … this doesn’t even need explaining… I mean really?!

5. Beans… Those little suckers have a knack of sneaking into our Teeth & they make you Gassy! #AVOID

6. Sushi… Indulge in it, but stick with smaller sized rolls, nobody wants to see a #ChewStruggle

7. Soda, Sparkle H2O are good to avoid = Bloated, no one wants to bloat on a #Date

8. Large Deli Sandwiches (i.e. Club)... These are so MESSY, the #crockmouth is never a pleasant sight

9. Garlic Bread & Onion Rings are a #NO-NO… U Know Better!

10. Ribs & Wings… Why would you not only do that to your face, but your fingers… #GoalKeepMakeupOn

11. Tacos… I Luv #Mexican, but avoid the #drip-tastic taco, order a #Quesadilla #NoMussNoFuss        P.S. Even the Chips & Guac can lead to predicaments (More like the 4th Date) 

12. SOUP… If you’re a #Slurper #UKnowWhoUARE don’t order soup, with added nerves, misplacing the spoon could lead to a #PerfectStorm

L’s Bonus: Do NOT EVER Drink #REDWINE (neither at a party or on a date)… You are not only compromising the tint of your mouth from etching into a #BurgandyBasket, but the chance of #Spillage is nearly a guarantee!

Now that you know the #dish on worst #DatingDishes @TheYLife suggests you always take a moment to consider all of your menu options and the consequences that come to bear your choices!


Snack on Edamame or indulge in dishes like Pad Thai, Tuna Tartar or even classics like Mac N’ Cheese or Chicken Fingers– these are virtually #ChildProof