Your Brain On Colors

It’s something we see everyday but have you thought about how our brain processes various colors. How they affect your mood and how you see them? How do we subconsciously perceive the colors we see? It’s called color psychology and it studies and explains how our brain perceives various colors we come in contact with. While the specific definitions or interpretations for certain colors may vary, there is a general interpretation for each.


This color is tricky because it’s considered the color of authority and power but can also be implied as submission. For instance, Priests & nuns wear black to signify submission to God. The color can also be considered the opposite, and be taken as evil. Have you ever thought about why villains wear black? It wasn’t to make them look skinnier.


It’s perceived as the color of earth, implying genuineness in it’s lighter stage while being perceived as a bit saddening in it’s darker stage. More men are said to consider brown as their favorite color.  


It s considered one of the most popular decorating colors because it symbolizes nature and relaxes a person. It’s the easiest color on the eye and is said to help improve vision.  People wait in a green room before a show because it helps calm them. Dark green is perceived as a masculine color and implies wealth. 


This is also one of the most popular decorating colors. It exudes tranquility and peace, causing the body to produce chemicals that calm the body and mind hence why it’s used in bedrooms a lot. It’s the recommended color to wear while on an interview since it symbolizes loyalty. It is also the least appetizing color meaning people tend to be less hungry around the color.


For a long time, its been considered the color of royalty. The color is said to exude the idea of luxury and wealth. 


It is one of the most intense colors, stimulating a faster heartbeat. While it is the color of love, the color may not necessary love your figure. When worn it is said to make the person wearing it appear heavier. Following that idea, the color does seem to stimulate people’s appetite, meaning it makes them want to eat.


While it does attract attention, it is the hardest color for our eyes to process. It is said babies cry more in yellow rooms because it is an overpowering color. Ever wonder why most legal pads are yellow? The color improves concentration. 


For ages, white has been considered the color of purity and innocence. In hospitals, doctors wear white to represent sterility.