Aphrodisiacs in UR Fridge


What do Hot Spices, Asparagus, Avocados, Bananas, Chocolate, Oysters, Pomegranates, Red Wine (Alcohol), Salmon, Walnuts, Vanilla, Figs, Caviar and Watermelon have in common?!

These foods have all been scientifically proven to one way or another act as Aphrodisiacs… A lil’ something, something that might come in quite handy this week, since this Friday, February 14th marks ‘THE’ day to acknowledge and celebrate LOVE!

Through the ages foods and aromas have been used to arouse the senses and lower inhibitions, in turn causing exciting reactions in the human body. Wink… Wink! The reputation that lowly follows certain foods for having magical erotic powers are anything but simplistic. For example the creamy, luscious texture, of bananas has been shown by certain studies to enhance male performance with its enzyme bromelain; since Caviar is high in zinc, it stimulates the formation of testosterone, and helps to maintain male functionality; Truffles arouse the bodies palate, the smell of spice in Vanilla acts as a pheromone to communicate emotion and Oysters allows the human body to experience both the masculine and feminine sides of love, making it that much more enticing!

Aphrodisiacs are substances which increase sexual desire, stemming from Greek mythology where Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, used certain food and drink to reach the pinnacle of pleasure more magically. Since a males Libido is certainly linked to hormone levels, known as Testosterone, the use of certain properties found in chemicals like: alkyl nitrite, bremelanotide’s, Melanotan, Crocin and Phenylethylamines actually work to promote an enhanced sexual response!

And it’s no lie why Champagne and Chocolate are such hot sellers during pre V-Day shopping sprees… since Champagne (in moderate quantities of course) lowers inhibitions, it hence causes a warm glowing sensation in the body! Now, with our favorite sweet treat Chocolate, the fact that it contains sedative properties which relax and lower inhibitions, in addition to stimulants like serotonin and caffeine, the chemicals which makes us happy, they end up increasing desire for physical contact- making Chocolate and Champagne a perfect Aphrodisiac Combo!


There are also herbal remedies like, Yohimbe, which stems from the bark of a West African Tree… which is known to be just as potent as the “Little Blue Pill” in stimulating certain nerve centers in the spine and creating quite the experience! Just Saying…

So if you are playing kitchen cupid this V-Day weekend make sure to pick up some Aphrodisiacs to incorporate into your Menu!

May this V-Day be filled with Love, Laughter and Lots of LUCK!