Apples 2 Apples


‘An Apple A Day, Keeps The Doctor Away…’

We all grew up hearing that famous saying and probably taking it for granted, but to only think how accurate it actually IS! This rounded fruit, which stems from the Rose family is one of the most widely cultivated tree fruits; of course it also comes bearing quite the notorious reputation including the ultimate symbol of temptation in its religious Biblical representation. Since Apples have been grown for thousands of years in Asia and Europe, they were then brought to North America via the European colonists at the turn of the century and have spread throughout the world to such a grand extent, that today there are more than 7,500 varying cultivated breeds of Apples.

When it comes to Apple production the United States comes in as the world’s second largest producer in 2012, cropping more than 6% of the world’s 63 Million TONS of Apples. Due to the temperature marks required for the most effective crop production more than 60% of the Apples grown in the United States are from Washington the cooled, misty and overcast region nestled in the Pacific North West. I thought of chatting about Apples with @TheYLife today, since it was so perfectly fitting to honor yesterday’s International PIE Day! Yes, Yes, we know… it was a day meant to honor ∏  but we couldn’t help ourselves to the more delicious of the comparisons.

The forbidden fruit of Genesis found in the Garden Of Eden, with which Eve coaxed Adam into Sin, a story that may leave a bitter taste in our mouths, but really shouldn’t; you see, this crunchy travel-friendly snack is quite the perfect food. Whether it be a Gala, Granny Smith, Fuji or my personal favorite the Pink Lady… Apples not only reduce your chances of various cancers, but those average 126 calories are tucked with loads of dietary fiber and Vitamins, which can effectively decrease glucose intolerance, obesity and such diseases that stem from excess fat surrounding the Liver.

Studies have proven that eating an Apple serving every day can actively reduce a woman’s chances of suffering heart disease and according to a European study featured in The New York Times – white produce such as Apples actually lower a person’s risk of stroke by 52% compared to others who ate smaller amounts of the produce. Studies have even linked Apples to reducing inflammation along artery walls, by actively lowering Cholesterol levels when eaten in daily regimens.

So when you are looking to snack right around that mid- day crunch today, make sure to munch on an Apple for optimal health and happiness!