Unwinding From The Week

While many like to party and the end of the week, sometimes you need a little R&R instead of  a happy hour. For those looking to unwind, try out some of these activities.

1. Long Bath or Hot Shower – Light a candle or incense, take a long hot shower and let the stress of the week slide right off. Got a favorite playlist? Put it on.

2. Exercise- If you feel like you have the energy, sometimes a nice jog or ride on the bike will help relieve a bit of stress as well as raise your serotonin levels and make you feel happier.

3. Meditation- It’s basically sitting or laying down quietly and attempting to clear your mind. Go on youtube, play a meditation mix and just relax. Warning, you may fall asleep. Meditation is actually meant to help you control your thoughts and does have physical and mental benefits.

4. “Veg Out” – Sometimes you just need a day where you don’t do anything! Even if it’s not a day and just a few hours of , “vegging out”  can do wonders. Put on your favorite show or just lay in bed and read your favorite book.

5. Wine & Dinner – Cooking while having a glass of wine can be very therapeutic. By concentrating on cooking, it will help you take your mind off what’s stressing you out. At the end you’ll have a nice meal and maybe have taken a bit of the edge of with the wine. Invite a couple of friends over and make it a pot luck night, that way you’ll be in good company.