Tricks 2 The Trade

20140413-210406.jpgI’ve been pondering writing an article regarding Tricks 2 The Trade for quite a while now… BUT, I needed to make sure I had tested these tricks out before I shared them for @TheYLife.

Y’s are getting to the stage in their lives where being on their own is now formulating into a reality and being able to use household remedies to prevent and cure our daily toils are becoming ever more necessary. So I decided to put ‘5 Tricks 2 The Trade’ to the test and found some very interesting results:

Ever since I was a little girl, I remember opening the freezer door to find the ever present tub of ice cream and it never failed– there would be an old candle tucked right next door! Hmm- you are probably wondering the same thing I did, why my mother froze candles?  Apparently freezing old candles allows the wax to harden and removing

One night I was making pasta for a friend, when I had the same accident that afflicts sooooo many of us… the pasta water overflowed and created quite the stove-top havoc! My friend mentioned that I should put a wooden spoon vertically across the pot, from North to South and it would prevent #Spillage! Although, I didn’t believe her, the second I tried the Trick… it worked like a charm! It prevents the heat build-up in the middle of the pot and as it absorbs some of the heat, it prevents the water from boiling over!

If God gives you Lemons, make Lemonade… OR CLEAN your faucets! It’s an easy way to keep your faucets clean and polished. You see, by simply cutting a Lemon in half and lightly juicing it before rubbing it on your faucets and shower head you can not only remove the sticky grime, but it can also be left sparkly clean!

Bet you didn’t know this one… If you suffer from stress inflicted feet, where perspiration causes bouts of smelly feet- It’s as easy as 1-2- Tea! Give your feet a daily Tea bath, by simply soaking them in a strongly brewed tea for 20 minutes per day those offensive odors will be washed away!

Don’t waste your hard earned $ on household cleaners… Not when #Water and #White-Vinegar will not only disinfect your countertops and clean your tub… it will also clean your windows! Distilled White Vinegar is a safe alternative to bleach and ammonia and due to its high acidic content it will cut through mold and mildew and eliminate traces of germs! Remember 50% Vinegar and 50% Water

As we are right in the midst of Spring Cleaning– Enjoy these Tricks 2 The Trade from @TheYLife