Retailers With The Best Return Policies

1. Nordstrom 

Not only do they have a great variety of items, but they also have a great return policy if you don’t like any of the items. There is no time limit on when you make a return. In other words , you can show up years later with that dress you never worse and still get the full value returned.


Ok here it goes. If you have a receipt you have a 1 year limit to return items but if you don’t have a receipt you don’t have a time limit on when to return things. If you have a receipt or not, you will be able to get a refund or exchange. If you don’t have your receipt after a year you will only be able to get store credit or exchange. It’s not a bad deal especially if you don’t like what you got!


It’s not an unlimited amount of time to return items  but it’s close coming it at a whopping  6 months to be able to return your clothes.  If you order online and you don’t like your item(s) you can just return it to your local store. They will not refund shipping costs unless the item is damaged or there is a store error.

4. Target 

Their return policy benefits those who can’t keep or find a receipt.  You can still return items without a receipt as long as you paid for it with a debit or credit card. They can look up your purchase using the card and be able to give you a refund. Even if you didn’t pay with a card, you can still return up to $70 worth of items within a year without a receipt.  They’re standard return time is 90 days and you get an extra 30 days if you have their Target card.

5.Trader Joe’s  

While it only includes food, it’s good to know they have you’re back. So even if you’ve opened the item(s) you can still return it. You can even tell them you’re returning it because you don’t like it!