Count to TEN & get FIT for the New Year


As we attempted to accomplish the first week of resolutions, @TheYLife decided to help you narrow down your options as you are looking for new technological alternative weight loss programs. #BeTEN not only helps you shed the pounds, it helps institute valuable new traits that wholly impact your future health outlook. We sat down with #BeTEN creator Laura Klein, who laid out the details that make this plan attainable.

First and foremost, how did TEN come about and what was your inspiration to create TEN?

“I have always been interested in how different foods affected our health… In college, I went through the pre-med program and focused on Food & Nutrition in a graduate program. As I researched foods and food groups, I saw how nutrients in foods have tremendous power over our health. Foods can help us be healthier and reduce our risk of disease. Today, with obesity rates soaring, we have come to see food as our enemy – counting calories, tracking fat – and focusing on the negative impacts of overeating. Instead, I wanted to remind people of the positive impacts foods can have on our health.” 

Laura explained to me how our daily day routine affects our overall health; you see, our stress, how much sleep we get, daily activity levels and eating healthy foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains, can help us with weight management, reduce risk of diseases and affect our life expectancy.

I created TEN to help people simply focus on the important things.  Not only does TEN help people manage their servings and bring focus back to important food groups, but TEN incorporates daily behaviors into the Program which affect our weight and overall health… Seeing our nation’s disease rates and healthcare costs escalating, I really wanted to create something to help people recognize that they take personal ownership and help contribute to a solution.  

Only 59% of all US Adults eat the Recommended Servings of Vegetables 

Only 42% of all US Adults eat the Recommended Servings of Fruits

Only 15% of all US Adults eat the Recommended Servings of Whole Grains.”

When we asked what qualities make #TEN different from other weight management programs, Laura explains that there are many factors making #TEN different from other weight management programs…

1. TEN encourages you to eat good food!  Instead of discouraging ALL fat consumption, even unsaturated fats and omega 3’s found in Nuts and Seeds, which has been linked to fighting disease… on the #TEN Program it’s encouraged and gives the user credit.

2. Calorie counting is not a realistic long-term diet approach; #TEN does not believe in calorie counting because these programs don’t differentiate between 1 teaspoon of sugar and 2 cups of spinach (both 16 calories).

3. Some programs log every single food item, but with #TEN, users only log twelve food groups and if the you surpass the serving recommendations, your score goes down accordingly.

4. #TEN has no prepackaged foods or supplements encountered with other programs, tied to buying supplements, appetite suppressants, food replacements or prepackaged meals… which are not only unrealistic, but costly!

5. While other weight management programs may be solely focused on calories, TEN includes important daily activities and behaviors, which affect your overall health and weight, like sleeping or watching TV.

Yet the most interesting part of #TEN is its Tech base, I just had to know what had inspired Laura to take to #TechTen?

“Realizing how important tracking is to helping people attain their health and weight goals, TEN designed a user-friendly, intuitive fast and fun user interface. TEN leverages drag-and-drop tracking technology. There are twelve icons in the eat log… When the user drags a food icon into their day, they not only see what their Recommended Servings are for the food group, but what the Impact Factor is associated for eating that food. Depending on the user’s preferences, the ‘do’ log has between six and nine behavior icons and is time-based. Dragging the time bar to log their ‘do’ activities should take less than a minute each day.The technology in the background calculates the user’s Impact Score based on their personal data and preferences.”

So I wondered since #TEN seems to be 100% relatable to Generation Y, was our demographics technological viability incorporated into TEN’s creation?

TEN realizes that most of us are reliant on our mobile devices and engage daily with our social networks… to help members share information, support each other and stay engaged on their journey.  This seems especially true with Generation Y! TEN is also optimized for the mobile browser, so users don’t have to download an “app” to use TEN.  On any device, all that a person needs is an internet connection and browser to log into!”

Is having structure and will power important to the TEN process? 

Behavioral scientists recognize that having a visual map of their day helps people see what they’re doing right and maybe doing wrong… Also, behavioral scientist recognize that breaking down a large goal into smaller steps helps people not get overwhelmed and abandon their efforts. On TEN, we believe that having an attainable daily goal (of reaching 10 credits) is important to encourage users from reaching their longer-term weight loss and wellness goals.”

The #TEN Programs help people meet their health goals while supporting a healthy lifestyle. “TEN was built to encourage people to make small changes which have big, lasting results,” says Laura. Monthly subscriptions are available for both the programs starting at $18.95 and the sign-up fee is waived when people sign-up for the 3-Month Savings Plan.