My Christmas Tradition… What’s UR’s?

Good Christmas Morning to all our Y Life readers, we hope Santa was good this year!

Yesterday, we sent blessed wishes into every home and today we ask each and every one of you to cherish your family and friends. As is tradition in my and in other Hispanic homes across the world… our grand celebration occurs on Christmas Eve. ‘Noche Buena,‘ as we refer to it, is a family gathering meant to share in one-another’s company, EAT and be merry. ‘Noche Buena’ is also the one night a year when when a Pig is mandatorily roasted in the backyard in a Chinese Box. A ‘Caja China‘ is used to slowly roast the swine; interestingly the coals are always placed on top and as they are heated the heat seeps into the metal box below, encasing the seasoned meat and cooking it at an evenly slow rate. Then on Christmas Day, either left-overs are heated and made into sandwiches or pork shoulders and hams are roasted in the oven… And the family gathers once again to continue to familial bonding.


Although my personal allergies abstain me from the opportunity to dig into swine, I can still bask in the aromatic sensory overload that encompasses homes across town.

My mom has honed her pork shoulder making skills and is quite the sought after professional in our family when it comes to the task. As we prepare to set off on a day of munching and mingling, she has been up since the crack of dawn, setting the swine. Here is to hoping you will try a little something different this Christmas Day, Mom’s Pork Shoulder (picnic): A family recipe.


 Seasoning the Pork:

1 Head of Garlic, pressed

1/4 Cup Dried Oregano

1 Cup Sour Orange Juice


Salt & Open gashes in the Pork Shoulder and stuff with seasoning

Pre-Heat Oven to 350 Degrees

Place Pork covered with Foil for 1 Hour in Oven

Un-cover Pork and continue cooking for 2 Hours

Lower Heat to 325 Degrees and continue cooking 4 to 5 Hours

Serve & Enjoy

Merry Christmas!