Unleash the Foodie:‘B & S craft food & drink’


If you’re craving some unique eats, make your way down to Y entrepreneur and restaurateur, Jorgi Ramos’s, new venture in South Miami, ‘B & S craft food & drink.’

With a selection of over 40 beers and plenty of “Swine! Not our whole menu but a good focus of our menu is on swine… 1/3 of the menu is pork, pig ears, pork cheeks and pig tails.” We can promise you that there are no filibusters here, just plenty of ‘Barley & Swine.’


Homage to the days of yester- year, the vintage inspired menu takes on items like ‘Pig Face Vaca Frita’ and turns traditional Spanish Basque dishes on their toes with a flair of rustic Americana.

“It’s actually all really amazing cuts of food, it’s just not popular, it’s a lot of what our grandparents used to eat when they didn’t have the money to go ahead and get top quality steaks- they’re all off cuts, but we really take the time to braise them for hours and hours, explained Jorgi.


In the past few years there has been a ‘Foodie Revolution,’ if you will, and it’s fueling restaurants to take greater risks in the kitchen. Chef Jorgi feels it’s in large part due to the influence of Y Culture… “As far as I can tell culture has changed a lot. Now the cool thing to do is go to a nice quaint restaurant and take photos, to put them on instagram… it’s what people want to do, they want to eat new things, try new things, experience new things; that’s exactly who we are going after- that’s our exact demographic!”

For a correlation of flavor that epitomizes new wave foodies who are craving some adventure visit ‘B & S craftfood & drink.’


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