Bad Eating Habits You May Be Doing

Trying to keep the holiday weight off? Check out some habits you may have which may not help when it comes to keeping your waist in check.

1.Eating late at night

A late night snack here and there won’t affect you so much but eating late at night , every night you could be setting yourself up for gaining weight. It may also affect your sleep since your body will be digesting the food while you’re sleeping.

2. Eating your feelings 

Food should not be your first option when you are stressed or sad. Instead opt for taking on a hobby or exercising when your are stressed. Eating when you’re stressed and/or sad will just make you gain weight…further adding to the strain and to your waist line.

3.Skipping Breakfast

While it’s the easiest meal to skip because you’d rather get some more sleep, it’s also the most necessary for staying healthy and keeping your weight in check. If you skip, you’re more likely to snack throughout the day and it also disrupts your metabolism which could cause you to burn fewer calories.

4.Big Portions Aren’t Always Good 

Whatever portion you are given, split it in half and eat your food slowly.  It takes some time for your body to process your food and signal your brain that your are full. Chew your food a bit more, eat a bit more slowly, and mind your portions.

5. Mindless Munching  

Do you have a tendency of snacking while working or watching tv? Try to be aware of what your snacking on and how much you’re snacking.