Sleep & A Slimmer Waist

While it’s no the first time the two have been linked together, a new study by Brigham Young University shows a consistent sleep schedule for women is linked to a healthier weight.

According to the study, led by Exercise Science Professor Bruce Bailey, good sleeping  patterns affect you “cognitively, physically, emotionally,” and it possible affects weight and body fat.

The team studied more than 300 women over the course of several weeks and found consistent bed time and wake time are related to lower body fat. They also found getting less than 6.5 hours or more than 8.5 hours of sleep is associated with having higher body fat.Not only did they find time’s important but also the quality of your sleep had a major effect on body composition.

So what level of consistency is needed?

Those with more than 90 minutes of variation for their sleep and wake time had a higher body fat than those with less than 60 minutes variation.

How much is needed though?

The study showed those who slept between 8 and 8.5 hours per night had the lowest body fat.

They also noted people who tried to sleep in on the weekends could actually be hurting more than helping, since it could throw off their sleeping rhythms which help keep our bodies run properly.

To improve your treasured “Zs” Bailey recommends exercising, keeping your room at cool temperatures, keeping it dark and quiet, and only using your bed for sleeping.