Holidays: Seduced By Society

Just this week when I was sitting in my weekly Sunday morning sermon, my Pastor broke down Black Friday and the general Societal pressures of becoming unnecessarily seduced by the materialistic aura of a ‘21st Century Holiday’. So, I thought why not share part of the inspirational challenge he set before us, with each and every one of you!

Challenge: Take a mere 5 minutes every- day to challenge yourself… One, by finding 5 ways to give of yourself (not monetarily) all in order to make a difference in the world (i.e. Help an elderly person with their groceries or a pregnant woman with her Holiday Shopping). Secondly, find 5 individuals to whom you can make a difference in their lives during the Holidays (i.e. Make a Holiday dish so they don’t have to cook) and Lastly find ways to give to yourself and your faith, by meditating 5 Minutes every- day! 

This challenge is meant to become a beacon for the pattern to which we should all be living our lives every day of the year. By starting The Challenge’ during the Holidays it becomes a fitting motivation for the rigorous routine that will make its best attempt to derail your progress in the days after the atmosphere of giving has ceased.

When put in check, we must be reminded that the spirit of the season doesn’t come from gifts, it’s about the extraordinary journey of the worlds faith. Religion and faith is the extraordinary reality that fuels the purpose any of holiday seasons, whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Ramadan, Kwanzaa or Christmas – the teachings of love, hope and faith are the true gifts strewn into the purpose of the Holiday, not the ones that are purchased at a mall.

You see, if we are not careful, we will be seduced by wrong expectations,I grasped a statement from the Pastor, which came with much truth… “It’s so we can remind others and ourselves that it is more than getting what we want.” It was an ‘AH- HA‘ moment for me, because I realized that the only way we can alter expectations from others, is if we show by the example. The Holidays are about the love we cannot see, but can feel… not the level of   satisfaction granted with things we want, those will only ever allow us to feel unrealistically satisfied and still hungry for more!

Take the Challenge and let us know your progress this December!