Saturday Adventures: Book Fair


November 17- 24th is known as the ‘eight day literary party’ in South Florida. On the 30th anniversary of the Miami Book Fair, an air of possibility takes hold of a city notable for its international assimilation of culture. More than 350 authors and over 250 publishers share riveting insight into the magical world of reading with audiences.

I myself have been visiting the fair since I was just a little girl… in fact, some of my most vivid memories of childhood were during this time every year. Right before the Holiday season my elementary school would either set-up a field trip to the fair or bring a their smaller version of the fair to our school, to promote the adventures that awaited us inside the pages of books.

Now more than ever with electronics taking such a bearing on future generations, being able to garner that sense of nostalgia that comes with a book is even more vital. To this day, I have abstained from electronic readers, I find there is something so special in being able to flip a page, and pass that book on to someone else after it has touched your soul. This is one of the reasons, I can’t bring myself to succumb to e-book pressures. You see, reading is one of the most beautiful forms of art, it’s meant to be an opportunity to escape modern foes and return to the simplicity in written word.

If you find yourself craving some real adventure this weekend, make your way downtown, pick out a book and delve into a story. There is no greater feeling than being so invoked by the intricacies of a story that you feel, as though you are in sync with the characters in the book. The moment when you share in their insight and sense a secret bond has formed… it is one of the most glorious facets of a great novel. For just $8 you will be able to open a whole new world and what better way to spend a cool Saturday afternoon, than being curled up with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book.

According to, which is the country’s largest nonprofit promoting the long-standing effort to encourage social change in young people: “Nearly 85 percent of the juveniles who face trial in the juvenile court system are functionally illiterate, proving that there is a close relationship between illiteracy and crime. More than 60 percent of all inmates are functionally illiterate.”

Promoting healthy reading habits are vital to the future functionality of our nation, educating our youngsters is the hinge, which will balance the sustainability of Gen Y as we age and rely more heavily on future generations for their wisdom and sense of innovation!

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