Why The FDA May Ban Trans Fats For Good

The U.S. Food and Drug administration has declared Trans Fat to be unsafe but why? Especially if it is something commonly found in a lot of our foods?

According to the FDA, Trans fat consumption has been linked to an increased risk of coronary heart disease which is when plaque builds up inside the arteries causing  heart attacks.

A lot of processed foods are made with partially hydrogenated oils or PHOs which is the major dietary source of trans fat.

According to the Center for Disease Control, if our intake of trans fat is reduced, then an estimated  additional 7,000 deaths from heart disease can be prevented each year.

The FDA’s job is to ensure the public’s health and ensure the food we consume is safe. For now, they have issued a Federal Register Notice saying PHO’s are no longer “generally recognized as safe,” but it may not be long before  they consider PHOs not GRAS and completely take them out of the market altogether

For now, while our favorite foods may have it, heed the warning and know what you’re putting inside your body!