DJ Johnny Terror Spins BASE @ Space


Miami is known as one of the sexiest places on earth, with its never-ending 24- hour party culture drumming the base of the cities economic infrastructure. Labeled by its internationally infamous reputation of sex, drugs and alcohol… it’s never an estranged moment to find Y’s getting to clubs at all hours of the morning and night.

Nestled in Downtown Miami, one of the most infamous warehouse clubs, has created such a name for itself, it even bodes its own Wikipedia. Sprawling an impressive 3-rooms, this 25,000-square-foot complex has been home to early morning parties since 2000, Club Space has been the hub to the Miami dance and electronic music scene.

Club Space is now being re-energized by Red Rabbit Presents who has been pumping away at a new venue inspired by TRAP Music, called BASE @ Space. Located in the basement of the nightclub where you can catch DJ Johnny Terror spinning hits every Saturday. We had a chat with Johnny to introduce our Y Life readers to ‘Trap’.

First and foremost what is trap music and where does it stem from?

“The trap we’re referring to is a fusion of electronic music and dirty south hip- hop. It originally comes from areas like Atlanta and Houston where people were selling drugs (trapping) and making songs about it. Production wise, it’s usually at a tempo of 140 BPM with producers like Lex Luger and Shawty Redd giving you that original trap bounce. When electronic producers got hold of it they started experimenting with tempos, ranging from 100-160 BPM.”

How long have you been a DJ, Johnny?

“I’ve been DJ’ing for about 3 years now but I’ve been performing and making music since I was 13. I love affecting people, whether it’s in the club, during my DJ set, or with one of my songs. I love to hear that I caused a reaction out of someone.”

Space has a wild reputation around the world… what are your two cents on Base and why do you love this new ‘Base at Space’?

“It’s a special place… we’ve completely re- invented the downstairs of Space! It went from a hip- hop lounge that closed early, to a place where you can watch a massive show every weekend. People that used to be scared to go, are now there every Saturday having the times of their lives!”

What makes Base at Space different and special?

“The energy in the room is always amazing. I get to try out my new productions every Saturday and see how the crowd reacts, which is very important cause that keeps me creatively motivated every weekend to try new things.”

Some would say that electronic dance music is a grave component of influencing who our generation has become, what are your thoughts on the future of EDM?

“I don’t believe in genres. I listen to all music ranging from hip- hop to deep- house and heavy metal… I think that’s the future! You are seeing it more and more with producers like Diplo or Flume, they are blurring the lines of modern music and creating the sounds they want to make.”

Well there you have it Y’s, if you are in the mood to try something new tonight head on down to Base @ Space or find the TRAP spot in your neck of the woods and have an unforgettable evening!