Y Certain Foods May Cause Cancer

We have already done foods that help prevent or fight against breast cancer but what about those that may cause it? Part of cancer prevention is knowing what to avoid too.

According to Livestrong.com, there is evidence that limiting consumption of certain types of foods like those with refined sugars, processed carbs and preservatives  could prevent or delay cancer.  Now, let’s be honest no diet can fully prevent cancer but it can help your body stay healthy and being smart about what you put into your body never hurt.

Try to avoid eating food grown with pesticides. It will help protect your body against “unhealthy cell changes” associated with the intake of pesticide-rich foods, according to breastcancer.org.

Fatty foods may also contribute to a high risk of getting breast cancer. One study suggested girls who had a high-fat diet during their adolescent years, may have increased their risk of developing the disease later on in life. At any age, a high fat diet can lead to being overweight or obese which increases your chances of getting breast cancer. The science behind it is that if your overweight, you have more fat cells which make estrogen, causing the cells in your breasts to grow;therefore, increasing your risk of getting breast cancer.

Fried foods are said to cause cancer thanks to a by-product of deep-frying called acrylamide which is a” well-known tumor causing agent” according to livestrong.com. Foods that have this include french fries,chips, and donuts.

More research is needed to understand the full effect of our diet in relation to breast cancer risk, but for now we may have an indication of what to try to avoid.