Foods That Fight Breast Cancer

So it’s the last week of breast cancer awareness month, so would like to dedicate it to just that…Breast Cancer Awareness. While many of us may not have been affected by it, many of us have had people we love be diagnosed with breast cancer and know it’s important to try to prevent it .

For those looking to try to prevent it , try to eat the following foods which may help prevent cancer.


This veggie contains something called sulforaphane, which according to, helps boost a certain type of enzyme in the body which helps protect you against cancer. It also helps flush out harmful, cancer-causing chemicals in the body.


Fish have Omega-3 essential fatty acids which, according to research, is very important for breast health. They reduce inflammation which damages healthy tissues and encourages cancer cells to grow.  The best type of fish is fatty fish. If you don’t eat fish then try some walnuts.


According to,  a recent study showed women with the highest folate levels were 44% less likely to get breast cancer. One to two servings will do it. If you don’t like Lentils, then try Edamame, spinach or oranges.


This tart fruit can be eaten by sucking on the seeds or by squeezing it into a juice.  Studies suggest  it may help prevent breast cancer by blocking a certain enzyme which converts androgen into estrogen, according to

 Sweet Potatoes

Not only are they easy and fast to make, but they also have been shown to reduce your risk of breast cancer. Their skin is high in antioxidants and their orange flesh is full of beta carotene which when eaten regularly reduces your chances of getting cancer.