Sunday Free Days

For those wanting to trim their spending this weekend try out these activities for a little bit of fun that won’t break the bank.

1. Picnic Potluck – If it’s a nice day outside, set up a picnic potluck with friends either at your favorite park or your favorite beach. It’s cheaper than going to a restaurant and it’s homemade food!

2. Free Yoga – Many yoga places offer a free first class for you to try out the place. Find a yoga studio nearby and call to ask if the first class is free. If it is, you’re set! Maybe you might like the teacher and go back once you have the budget for it.

3. Outdoor workout – Find out if your nearest park has an outdoor gym which is free to use. You’re saving money and working on your figure!

4. Pinterest craft day – If you have old material or clothes you feel bad throwing away, try the Pinterest DIY page to find ways to recycle and reuse those items!

5. Free Night at the Museum – Many museums have one night out of the month or week that are free. Find it what day that is and go. It’s educational and financially savvy!