“Generation Y” Twice As Likely To Be Entrepreneurs

So, growing up in the recession might have hindered us temporarily but what came out of that struggle is beautiful… a more independent and entrepreneurial generation.

Research now shows our generation is twice as likely as other generations to start a business in the next year, according to human resource company, Intuit.

Statistics show our generation will make up 75% of the labor force by 2028 which means we may have a lot of  “Ypreneurs.”

But, why are more people in our generation wanting to become entrepreneurs?

The main reason is being able to work for themselves, according to profitguide.com.

At the number two spot is pursuing their passion.

Financial success, building something and increased flexibility followed as big factors in their decision to be “Ypreneurs.”

But where would they run their business from?

According to profitguide.com, in a survey conducted in September 2013,  about half said they would run their business from home while a little more than a quarter of them said mostly online. Less than that said it would be a storefront operation.

What about the risk of being an entrepreneur?

Well for many “Ypreneurs” their biggest worry would be financial risk with personal or career risk coming in second and third place.

So while, we did get some blocks in the  road to employment stability, it looks like many of us are blossoming from these obstacles into “Ypreneurs.”