Ypreneurs: Green Rose Pictures


Next up on our Ypreneur features is a Bostonian who calls Southern California home, in order to pursue his career as a film- maker. At 31 years old, Clenét Verdi-Rose is making a splash on Hollywood; he and his business partner Adam Green’s production company, Green Rose Pictures is slated to be debuting the much anticipated film ‘Sand Castles’ early next year, “hopefully the world premier will be in Sundance in January,” explained Clenét.

I had the pleasure of working with this very talented filmmaker myself, just a few years back on “The Inner Circle” (www.theinnercirclegilm.com); a movie I acted in and Verdi- Rose was part of the directing team on and I just knew that it wouldn’t be long before his talent and passion drove him exactly where he wished to go. Catching up with Clenét I was so thrilled to hear about ‘Sand Castles’ a film, which was shot in Indiana about a family on holiday at a beach, when “the little girl ends up getting abducted and the family falls apart because of it, and that’s told non-linear, that’s when we inter-cut when she was taken, and what happened to her within the families current state, and the film fast forwards twelve years later, when the little girl is found.”

Verdi-Rose went on to explain the emotional connection of the tragedy that takes hold of this family, as it is heightened tenfold by the attempt to reconnect themselves to the realities in the cards they were dealt, but the physical and emotional toll of the loss of their child may just prove to be too much for them. This ‘emotional seesaw’ as he called it, is strewn by the powerful subtext, where it “is more about reconnecting a family member that hasn’t been a part of it (the family nucleus) almost their whole lives.”


Stay close to @TheYLife as we will be following all of the exciting developments on ‘Sand Castles’ and will keep you posted on show times.

Clenét also took some time to share aspects of his journey and knowledge that could inspire other Y’s who are aspiring to succeed in Tinsel Town, “I have been hustling, its been a grind, I’ve been bobbing around between TV and Film to pay the bills and what not and directing passion projects… to work for passion and not for a paycheck is the ultimate goal.”

How difficult is it for a small production company driven by passion to go up against the big studio and their big budgets?

“Well, being in the independent film world now, is one of the best times ever in the history of independent films, its more accessible, its easier to get equipment and to get things done at a professional level; you don’t have to have these huge overhead costs with film developing, lighting and cameras, it’s that all the pro stuff has been made feasible at the consumer level.”

I was so intrigued by this theory and I to think this is true, how beautiful it is when the arts and self expression are brought to the forefront, “ I think it’s the best time to be in the independent film world, because you can make something that looks really professional, that stands up next to big box office pictures, as long as you have a good story and talent behind it… as long as you have the passion, resolve and really just the drive to do it, that’s what it comes down to, because there is a lot of opportunity.”

What genre of film is in your ‘goal folder’ for now and for the future?

“I like Drama, because I think people can relate to it, if you relate to things in art, you get really passionate, it tends to stick with you longer… it could maybe even change your perspective on something.”

I completely agree Clenét, that is precisely the reason I too loved theatrical Drama soo… you see the beauty is carved deep into the intricacies of truth; when film is to be done for the faintest moment, where by fate a performance can trigger a heartbeat, whether inspired by fear, love, hope or pain, those are the moments when magic blossoms.

Oh how inspirational it was to chat with Clenét, I hope you were as inspired as I; Thank You and I may just have to audition for your next big film in homage to the fact that I simply miss the magic.