Chocolate May Help You Stay Slim.This Is Not A Joke!



Calling all chocolate lovers out there! Our love for this tasty treat may mean a slimmer physique!

A study by the University of California found adults who ate chocolate daily are thinner than those who don’t!

Authors of the study said  moderate consumption of chocolate on a regular basis may be “calorie-neutral,” meaning while chocolate is high in calories, the calories it has may help burn fat making you lose weight.

Researchers studied the diet of approximately 1000 adult men and women from San Diego. All to find out that those who ate chocolate on more days of the week were thinner and had a lower body mass index than those who ate chocolate sparingly.

Now, those who ate chocolate more often did not cut their calories. They actually ate more calories and did not exercise more .

The study suggested the composition of  chocolate’s calories may have something to do with it.

While this is great news for all chocolate lovers, the study does point to the fact that participants ate  chocolate in moderation. They just had it more days of the week than their counterparts.

So next time you take a bite of your chocolate, don’t feel guilty…it may not go to your thighs but instead help you stay slim!