It’s Better Done L’s Way: Pudding Edition

One of my favorite pastries… is also one of the simplest to bake!

What better to make on a Fall Saturday, then to indulge your friends and family in a soufflé inspired croissant bread- pudding? You see, since the croissant consists of multiple layers, they fluff to a consistency much like melt in your mouth cotton candy, when the bread is re-baked in custard. The addition of raisins and the warm sweet brandy sauce, delight the every essence.


Croissant Bread Pudding

Inspired By Ida, Done L’s way:

Purchase 6 Large Croissants & Allow Them to Sit- Out @ Room Temperature for 3 Days

Pre-Heat Oven to 350º


Dress a deep- dish ceramic pan with butter substitute

Halve Croissants, Layer 6 Bottom Slices in the Pan, Drizzle with ½ Cup of Raisins, Gently Nestle the 6 remaining Croissant Tops over the Raisins & Prepare Custard…

For Custard, Whisk:

–    3 Whole Eggs

–    5 Egg Yolks

–    5 Cups Half & Half


1 ½ Cup of Sugar

2 Tsp. Vanilla


Pour Custard Over the Croissants, While Holding Down Croissants for 3 Minutes Allow Them to Soak

Drizzle the remaining ½ Cup of Raisins Over the Custard

Place Pastry Filled Pan, in a Deeper Oven-Ready Pan Full of Boiling Hot Water

 Cover Pastry with Aluminum Foil & Slit 3 Small Gashes in Aluminum Foil

Place in Oven for 45 Minutes

Remove Foil and Leave an Additional 45 Minutes

Prepare Sauce:

In a Medium Saucepan, Over Medium Heat, Simmer:

– 1 Can of Sweetened Condensed Milk

– 1 Shot Glass of Brandy


Scoop Bread Pudding & Drizzle ¼ Cup Sauce & Dust with Confectioners Sugar