Lobsters & Living Longer

These delectable crustaceans may help us live longer thanks to an enzyme they produce. According to British Biologist Simon Watt, lobsters appear to be able to “defy the aging process.”

Yes, they are susceptible injury, physical harm and disease but in contrast to humans, Watt says “they don’t die from their own metabolisms.”

For humans, we age because our cells can only replicate themselves so much before they die. As this happens, we slowly age until we die.

For lobsters, they produce  a large amount of an ezyme called telomerase which helps rejuvenate the cells; therefore, stopping the cells from dying. As a result, they don’t age. An elderly lobster looks as good as new.

According to the  sciencedaily.com,scientists at the University of  Copenhagen have already mapped out telomerase to be able to begin to understand what they call ” the cellular fountain of youth.” This could also be a step forward in the fight against cancer since it uses telomerase to replicate and spread throughout the body.

While this may be a great find, there is skepticism about the whole thing. According to an article in Smithsonian Magazine, as lobsters age, it takes them a lot more energy to regenerate which has been observed to kill them.

So they may be a key to not aging but like the rest of us, they too cannot cheat the circle of life.