Travel Guide: Buenos Aires

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At $769, you can take a fall trip to the land of tango, wine and meat.

This beautiful city is full of so much history and life…and it never stops.

Whether you’re a partier, history buff, wine aficionado or simply a wanderer…Buenos Aires, Argentina is for you.

If you’ve deciding on going…here are some quick trip tips for you.


Airlines like TACA, American Airlines, LAN and Aerolineas Argentina offer direct flights to Buenos Aires. The flight lasts about 9 hours and are usually late in the evening or early in the morning. Make sure to bring some snacks for the flight. You get a meal but it’s quite a long flight and you’re bound to get hungry again before it’s over.

Once you arrive in Buenos Aires, you can grab a cab from the airport to the city.  Make sure to grab a “Radio Taxi” or have the airport help desk  call one for you. Do not grab a random taxi.

Now, the airport is a little more than an hour away from the center of Buenos Aires which isn’t that great but you’ll have a very scenic route. You’ll be able to see rural parts and slowly make your way into the crazy and amazing city of Buenos Aires. Make sure to notice how the architecture changes as you get closer and closer to the city.



Luckily, Buenos Aires is known for its delicious food..specifically meat! Oh and make sure to try their pasta. Here are some notable restaurants you might want to stop by.

El Calden 

Honduras 4701

This is an amazing steakhouse and oh so quaint. It’s located in the artistic neighborhood of Palermo. You’ll almost miss it if you don’t have the address. It’s a little brick building located on a corner and has a small black door. Make sure to try their amazing empanadas  and steak! They have an amazing cut of Entraña,Vacio and Lomo. Don’t forget to ask for some chimichurri for your steak!  Order a nice bottle of Malbec to go with it!  FOr dessert, try a typical Argentina dessert called “Dulce con Queso.” After lunch or dinner , you can walk around Palermo which is full of stores from local fashion designers and art galleries.

La Brigada 
Estados Unidos 465

This is a famous restaurant among tourists and locals. It’s located in the heart of the historic area of San Telmo. As you walk down the cobblestone streets of this area, you’ll feel like you’re back in 1500s. Now to the food. La Brigada has an amazing selection of wine. Once you enter the restaurant look down and you’ll see a clear part of the floor which exhibits their vast wine cellar.Make sure to try the “Trumpeter” Cabernet Sauvignon. It goes great with with red meat which is what they cook oh so wonderfully.  Try their mouthwatering empanadas. Make sure to accompany your meat with their delicious “Arugula and Parmesano” salad (arugula & parmesan). For Dessert, try their “Frutillas con Crema”(fresh strawberries with cream). Try to go on a Sunday, so after lunch you can walk Cross the street and visits “El Mercado De San Telmo” located inside a huge warehouse. You can also go to “La Feria Artesanal” which goes through the streets of San Telmo. You will be happy , full and maybe go home with some great antiques or handmade items.

Maru Botana
11 de septiembre 982

This is an amazing place for lunch or tea time (around 6 p.m.)Yes, Argentinians have tea time and it’s a great excuse to meet with friends and eat a snack. Now, this place is named after the lady who came up with the delicious recipes. She is known for her delicious “Tartas” and desserts.  There are various locals of Maru Botana throughout the city but this one is in a very scenic neighborhood called Belgrano. It’s a mostly residential area surrounded by schools and embassies.  Okay, back to the food. Sit down and order one of their “Tartas” then make sure to order one of her desserts which are amazing. One of her most famous cakes is the “Sable”(pronounced Sah-bleh). You wont regret it! After that, walk around the area and look at the beautiful architecture of the embassies and houses in the area. Also, go onto the street Cabildo two blocks away and do some shopping in the great boutiques of that area.

 Places of Interest 

La Casa Rosada 

Balcarce 50

This is our version of the White House .Do not miss this … It’s beautiful, grandiose, and of course historical. They have hourly tour so mak


Alto Palermo 
Avenida Santa Fe 3253

This mall has all the international and local brands in Buenos Aires. It’s beautiful, high-end and surrounded by boutiques. It’s in the area of Palermo but very close to “El Centro” , also known as the financial district of Buenos Aires.

Museo De Arte Latinoamericano De Buenos Aires (MALBA) 
Av Pres. Figueroa Alcorta 3415

It’s known as MALBA and it’s one of the most famous museums in Buenos Aires and shows local and international exhibitions of modern art . Try to stop by the restaurant on the first floor . It delicious. Make this a half a day venture because that is how long it will take you to go through the whole thing but it’s amazing.

Museo Nacional De Bellas Artes
Avenida del Libertador 1473

On the other side of the spectrum, you have another very famous museum in Buenos Aires which showcases historical pieces. This is in the high end neighborhood of Recoleta. You’ll see works from artists like El Greco, Kandinsky, Rembrandt, Renoir, Van Gogh, Monet and much more. They showcase famous local and international artists.

Recoleta Cemetery
Junín 1760

It’s a cemetery known globally for it’s architecture, elaborate graves and the notable people in them. Among them, the famous first lady Eva Perón. It’s a unique activity but it is worth going to.  Try to catch one of their tours which start right at the entrance. If you go on a Saturday or Sunday, you can stroll through Recoleta’s outdoor market right on “Plaza Francia” which is right in front of the cemetery.


No words needed on how great these places are.If you’re interested in going dancing and having some drinks and a good time ….go to the places listed below.

Unicorn Huset
Honduras 5730

This is a great club/ lounge in the neighborhood of Palermo Viejo. It has great music and drinks. Make sure to get there around 12 or 1 to get in early before there are long lines. The best day to go is Saturday.  While you’re thee try a typical Argentine drink, Fernet and coke.

Asia De Cuba 
Olga Cossettini 751

This is a high end club located in the high end neighborhood of Puerto Madero. It’s has a beautiful outdoor area facing the river. It’s has more of an international crowd and great music!

Frank’s Bar 
Arévalo 1445

It’s designed like a speak easy so don’t be surprised if you miss it! The only thing that you’ll see is a bouncer up front and if you look down a piece of metal on the floor that says “Frank’s.”  You will have to friend this place on Facebook since you need their weekly password to get in. Their pictures are the clues for the password. Just figure it out , say the name to the doorman and if you get it right they will let you in. Then you’ll face an empty room with a phone booth. Walk to the phone booth and type the numerical code the bouncers tell you type. The side of the booth will open to a cobblestone entrance to the bar… The rest will be up to you to find out whats inside. Make sure to try their amazing drinks.