Fall @ 4:44


The laughter of Pumpkin carving, the gently creeping aromas of mulling spice and a crisp nip in the air, that starts to prepare us for the joyous holiday season are all part of the evolution that begins this afternoon at 4:44pm. Sunday September 22 marks the autumn equinox and the end of summer; scientifically, it is when the sun crosses directly over the Earth’s equator and in turn, both day and night land at an equal time in place. For those of us who are big fall fans, like myself, we have until December 21st of 2013 to enjoy the festive season. So grab a pumpkin, start decorating and let’s kick fall off the right way!

To mark the excitement of the season, don’t forget to pick up a ‘Winter Squash’ today while you’re doing your Sunday groceries. Here is one of my favorite recipes that I picked up from a dear friend, while living in Los Angeles, it’s my own take on my dearest Lerner Squash!


      L’s take on Lerner’s Squash:

         Pre-heat your oven to 400 º

         1 Winter Squash, Halved and Cleared of Seeds

         Marinate Squash: Rub down w/ Cinnamon Sugar:

         1 Tbsp. of Raw Sugar

         1 Tsp. of Ground Cinnamon

          Prepare a Pre-oven Drizzle:

          1 Tbsp. Raw Honey

          1 Tsp. Vanilla Extract


                  Add 1 Tbsp. Butter or Butter Alternative to each Halve

                  Bake for 25 Minutes or Until Tender!


               Serve with Apple Butter and Taste FALL!!!!