#Crossfit Craze


Every New Years Eve brings the excitement of a fresh start and resolutions abound, which have exercising on the agenda; working out has always been a notion emphasized by doctors and nutritionists as the perfect balance to clean eating, in order to stay healthy.

The exercise technique taking Generation Y by storm, is known as ‘CrossFit.’ A strength- conditioning program used by police, the military and professional athletes worldwide as a broad inclusive fitness regimen.

Developed by Coach Greg Glassman in Southern California, over several decades, his ideals were the building blocks of ‘CrossFit.’ Glassman was motivated by strength and endurance, but based the ideals of competition as a driving force to optimize functional movements, which are constantly varied, but performed at high intensity, equating to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

We sat down with husband- and- wife team Vidal Lazo and Jennifer Kidder, the owners of CROSSFITKINGDOM in South Florida (http://crossfitkingdom.com/) to get the inside scoop on the inner workings of this work-out technique.

According to the CF duo, #CrossFit isn’t a workout; it’s a lifestyle, because it’s based on a structured format that relies on short and long-term fitness goals. “People think it’s a workout program or a fad, but what CrossFit really is, is a lifestyle,” says Lazo.

He went on to explain this ‘Community of like-minded individuals’ is formatted to be more than just fitness, “what we do here and what a real traditional CrossFit does, is like life coaching, it changes peoples lives, because it’s the first time that anything has been structured and organized that actually gives people the key for fitness; long term quality health if it’s delivered the right way.”

What are W.O.D. (work- outs of the day), I asked the duo?

 “It’s a combination of gymnastics, Olympic lifting, power lifting, plyometric exercise and a ton of abstract things, like for example: rope climbing, tire flips, sledge hammers and it’s all based on 3 basic principles of constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity.”

And when I wondered, why the sudden heightened awareness for CrossFit… “There has been a dramatic change in the last five years… four years ago a lot of pro athletes weren’t doing CrossFit…we do the body as a whole, we call cardio the bodies metabolic conditioning, which is the bodies ability to process oxygen.”

When I wondered about the integral training of weights and cardio on the female body, Jennifer explained that as long as the proper process for warming up, strength followed by the work out of the day, cooling- down and stretching… CrossFit can be safe, scalable and adaptable for women, as long as it is done right.

And with my new appreciation for #CrossFit came a new vigor to lead a healthier life, I too understand the theory on which we finished out chat with #CrossFitKingdom…

“The more you work out, the more you eat right, the healthier you are.”