‘Gluten- Free Living:’

20130623-133152.jpgEverywhere we turn ‘Gluten- Free’ or ‘GF’ seems to be the new craze, but for those with ‘Celiac Disease’ it’s simply a way of life. According to doctors “Non- Celiac Gluten Sensitivity,” which means you don’t carry Celiac, but still have allergic reactions to Gluten, has become more prominent recently. In fact, I myself developed this sensitivity later in life and must abstain from items that contain Gluten.

So what is Gluten? Gluten is a protein complex that can be found in wheat, barley, rye, triticale, spelt, or kamut to name a few. This protein is found in ‘Wheat-Gluten’ because when the flour is bound, it creates a compound that binds atoms together forming the elasticity, which is necessary to produce products like bread and pasta. Gluten helps dough rise and thicken or stabilize foods such as ice cream and ketchup. It can even be found in household products like: tea bags, lipsticks/balms, glue on envelopes, vitamins, and some prescription drugs.

A ‘Gluten- Free’ diet still requires balance, so it’s important to substitute your dietary needs with other starches and foods rich in protein and fiber such as: fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, yams, nut-flours, potatoes, rice, corn, taro, soy beans and chickpeas, arrowroot, quinoa and tapioca.

You can always count on ‘The Y Life’ to be on the lookout for great alternatives for living in a ‘Gluten- Free’ world, from a “GF girl.”


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