Sunday Split Pea


Split Pea is the perfect blend of comfort food, because it’s porridge type consistency warms every ounce of the soul. Split Pea Soup first gained acclaim as a food exclusive to the peasantry, and has been recorded as being cultivated in Greece since about 400 B.C.

It swiftly became a most notable dish in England as it infiltrated the cultural realm for centuries to come, as a staple in 19th century English novels. English settlers to the New England region of our new found land, America, swooned with the aroma of split peas during the Colonial period, as it was brought the delish porridge ‘over the pond’ to the New World as an English tradition.

For a twist on the traditional Split Pea Soup try, Lo’s Vegan & Gluten- Free version… sans the bacon!

In a large pot, boil 3 Quarts (12 cups) of Water


2 Tbsp. of Salt

1 Package (16 ounces) of Split Peas

Boil for 15 Minutes until they become tender


1 Cup Carrots, diced

1 Cup of Celery, diced

1 Cup Onion, diced

½ Cup Red or Yellow Pepper, diced

1 Cup Potato or Malanga, diced

1 Cup Pumpkin, diced

¼ Cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

3 Tbsp. Herbes De Provence

1 Tbsp. Ground Pepper

½ Tsp. Ground Cumin Powder

¼ Cup Dry White Wine

1 Package ‘All Purpose Seasoning’

2 Tbsp. of Rice Flour


Boil on high heat for 1 hour

Take pot off of hot surface and allow Split Peas to sit off heat for 2-3 hours

Re- heat and Serve! Enjoy!