Five Ways To Fight Stress on a Budget

Part of living in a Y world is dealing with the 24/7 aspect of our lives. We are constantly connected to our friends, work and news. Our phones are constantly pinging and buzzing. Sometimes it’s friends. Sometimes it’s work. The point is, this constant connection can make us feel a bit overwhelmed and stressed. Here are some natural and budget friendly ways to deal with everyday stress.


1.Chamomile Tea– Do not underestimate the effect of these little flowers. Chamomile tea has long been used to treat stress, insomnia, headaches and upset stomach. The smell of the tea is also very soothing. It is normally used as a nerve tonic and sleep aid. You can find it at your local grocery store.


Lemon Balm

2.Lemon Balm-Now this has been used as far back as a the middle ages to reduce stress. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, several studies have  shown lemon balm combined with other calming herbs such as chamomile helps reduce anxiety and promote sleep. A few drops of Lemon Balm extract in your water or tea lifts your mood and increases calmness and alertness. You can find this at any Whole Foods store or natural food market.



3. Meditation-It’s proven to calm and soothe the mind, letting it focus on just your breathing. It’s not hard to do and it’s free. Just sit in a quiet room and focus on your breathing. If any other thoughts pop into your head, put it aside and just focus on breathing in and out. Even a minute of meditation goes a long way.



4. Aromatherapy– Take an aromatic bath to help ease tensions in the body. A bath and a good book is a great way to unplug. Use a couple of drops of lavender , chamomile,peppermint, Jasmine or sandal wood oil. It all depends what smells you prefer. You can get this at any Whole Foods or natural food store.



5. Exercise– Take it all out on gym while you’re working on yourself. Turning this negative feeling into a positive outcome for your physical health, is great way to manage stress. Get a good playlist and run or cycle the stress away. It will amp you up and help you get rid of tensions in the body. Endorphins released while you are exercising will help you stay happy and keep stress at bay.

While doing some of these things, try to unplug from your phone or computer. Even five minutes makes a difference in the crazy yet amazing Y world.