National Dog Day 2013


G & L’s @TheYLife Pets send XO’s to all Canine’s Today!

In honor of National Dog Day 2013 @TheYLife salutes pets and their owners on cherishing and loving pets!

The organization and ‘pet holiday’ was started in the early 2000s by Colleen Paige as an outlet in which to advocate and spread the word of recognizing the powers canines have; they love without condition, expectations, they don’t discriminate or hate and they protect those they love with all their might.

 August 26th is considered the K-9 Fourth of July and in a perfect marriage to honor this day the U.S. Attorney George Beck announced today the arrest of 12 people in the southern United States, after a Federal and State investigation led to the uncovering of dog-fighting and gambling rings tied to animal cruelty. As of this weekend, The ASPCA and The Humane Society of the United States seized 367 Pit bulls into safety, according to The Associated Press.

XO- Archie & Possum


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