5 @ $5: Beauty At The Pharmacy

Ever had one of those weeks, where you needed a new beauty product, but having to pay the department store price, just wasn’t in your budget? Well guess what… it happens to every Y woman! Here are 5 great beauty products, each ringing in at less than $5… that won’t break your bank, but still give you a bang for your buck!


A favorite for Hollywood make-up artists is MAYBELLINE NEW YORK’s ‘VOLUM EXPRESS’ mascara. Ringing in at just around $5, you wouldn’t believe its popularity… and if you search the paper you might just be able to find a coupon! Many make-up artists on movie sets feel its quality is better than the department store mascaras, that can sometimes set you back a whopping $50!


Next up, at just a quarter over $4 is a personal must have! ‘Secret’s CLINICAL STRENGTH,’ which is actually prescription strength wetness and stress protector that you can find at your local drugstore! My best- friend always says to carry deodorant in your bag ‘just in case’… but with this bad boy, you need not worry!


My momma’s favorite lip- gloss! RIMMEL LONDON bodes ‘STAY GLOSSY’ for a flawless coat of shimmer and shine. Remember ladies you don’t have to spend $30 or more on a lip-gloss to look fabulous. You can find a great variety of colors in the aisles of your favorite pharmacy for $5 and some change.


The EyeLiner that’s the talk of the town… MAYBELLINE NEW YORK has a new ‘DEFINE-A-Line’ liner that is smudging away the competition. I went and bought myself one to see what all the craze was about and I must admit the fact that it glides on smoothly allows for precise lines and evenness, which is a must have when it comes to liner!


Last, but certainly not least, is a favorite of G & L @ The Y Life. For just $2 ½ – dollars, ‘scünci’ has some of the best no damage hair ties you can find. They don’t have any sort of metal, so they won’t break your hair and are light enough to prevent your hair from getting the scrunchie speed bump you get from most hair ties!

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