‘Robert’s Is Here’

Since June is ‘National Fruit and Vegetable Month’ we figured Y’s must be wondering where to get some of the best South Florida Produce… this quest led to ‘Robert Is Here’ in the Redlands.

My first visit exceeded my expectations. From the moment I walked up the gravel passageway, I knew this was not just a fruit stand, but an institution! Robert, a salt- and- pepper haired father of four greeted me with abounding infectious excitement to introduce and educate me on his fruit. So I had a smoothie and a chat with Robert….


‘What is the importance of local produce?’

“Local produce is relative because sometimes you don’t have an item in season, just because you don’t have an item in season doesn’t mean you can’t get it… It’s always better to use our own farmers; we have the best farmers, right here in South Florida, in the United States… Products from this country is under rigorous controls and the maintenance to keep things healthy and safe and its kind of neat to use U.S. grown…”

‘What are the most popular South Florida fruits?’

“Leeches, Mango, I sell a heck of a lot of Papaya, we grow them right here on the back property… Avocados! I’ve got all kinds of weird tropical fruit and stuff that are really really really cool!”

A six-year old Robert established the stand in 1959 by selling Cucumbers, as demand grew so did Robert’s stand. Today you can find unique collections of tropical fruit, jars of jellies, dressings and preserves, homemade milk shakes, fruit smoothies and key lime pies.


Listening to Robert’s message is inspiring to young entrepreneurs, because it’s true…when you love something with enough conviction, your passion will translate to others.


What we do is a little different than most people and we’re just lucky we’re able to carry it on…” -Robert

Come visit Robert! He’s ‘Not Here’ from Labor Day to the Thanksgiving Harvest, stop on by November 1st!



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