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(Source: Devon Almarinez & Heroicis.com)

September has one inspirationally grave connotation to it…  Football! As the season kicks off with new chapters, like Carrie Underwood as the new voice of Sunday Night Football on NBC, sports fashion also sprung a new leaf. ‘Heroics Clothing’ launched their new re-imagined line, where every spec now punts newly inspired threads by fashion designer Devon Almarinez.

50% Polish and 50% Filipino, Almarinez is the epitome of 21st Century Americana and is the heart that pumps Heroics. San Franciscan Almarinez and his Heroics in toe are using his Gen Y stance to mark his turf with unique graffiti styled frocks. He intricately blends traditional sports fandom with his unique ‘street’ inspired flair, and the ‘Designed, Printed & Made In USA’ Heroics is as American as it gets.


(Source: Devon Almarinez & Heroics.com)

We sat down for a chat with this innovative Y, to get to know where Heroics got its Hero.

“My more abstract designs, they’re all pretty much considered art pieces, each t-shirt has a story, I use a hundred elements to over 1,000 different elements… and you can follow the story, because I keep a little bio about each one and we try to get other people to see whatever it is they see inside of it, cuz everyone sees things differently.”

… So I asked Devon to further explain this “fabricated” story- telling (Pun intended)…

“I’m all about stories and all about detail, so I put what I do in life into my art pieces; when I go to the computer I already know what I am going to do- I sit there like a blank canvas, like an artist and I go at it, until I feel like it’s done- some pieces could take a day, some take weeks.”

This statement really triggered my thoughts. I wondered what inspired this 28 year- old, who’s been designing since he was 14, to start his own business in a recession- stricken- age, when being entrepreneurial seemed at such far fetch, for so many…

“I grew into abstract design very early, I interned for a company called attik.com… this type of art is from Europe, it’s very technical and detailed- I think I took a little style from that… it came to a point when I was like, why am I buying other peoples clothes, when I could make my own? At that point I started to make my own. It was during college, when someone gave me a chance to experiment printing, I destroyed tons of t-shirts, but I learned.”

As he spoke it was the dedication that strewn through Devon’s tone that captured my attention, he mentioned how he would take the train during high school from the Suburbs into the city to his internship, all so that he could “learn from the pro’s.” This is the ingenuity that drove his success and viability to have his own clothing line. Now in his 20s Devon has taken an innovative role in capturing Gen Y’s shopping style.

“No one is really opening up stores anymore- everyone is going online and socially networking, there are better deals online- it’s faster and there’s way more people on it…. At a store there are people that walk by, but I could get a million views online instantly.”

Featuring 150 teams and over 200 designs Heroics is shinning this season with your teams’ favorite garb. Almarinez has five other brands on the production line and they will all be featured in their own exclusive online boutiques. To learn more about Heroics or get in your team spirit, log onto…



(Source: Heroics Website)

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