The Collagen Myth

Well we’ve heard that collagen supplements are great for someone to take to slow down aging. While they are marketed this way, is this actually true?

First off ..What is it?

Collagen is a protein found in tissue throughout the body. As you age , the inner layer of he skin loses collagen resulting in less supple and firm skin. Claims are that by taking these pills you are helping to prevent this by restoring collagen in the body.

Studies have yet to prove that collagen pills and supplements can restore collagen and reverse the effects of aging.

So what have studies proven that these supplements can do?

According to a 4 month study from Penn State University, collagen helped  athletes with activity-related joint pain. The study tested 147 people  who were on a varsity team or club sport. They found that daily consumption of the supplement supported joint health possibly reducing the risk of joint deterioration.

Another study by the Journal of the American Dietetic Association says it can help preserve lean body mass in older women. While the study proved this, there were only 9 older woman in the study who took collagen for 15 days. claims collagen can improve circulation, promote healing of injuries, reduce arthritis pain, reduce the appearance of cellulite,reduce wrinkles and improve hair.

While there haven’t been many studies on the daily use of collagen pills, there are some types of vitamins and foods you can eat which help your body naturally produce collagen.

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, Vitamin C helps your body make collagen. You can find Vitamin C in citrus fruits, tomatoes and broccoli.

The mineral Copper also helps your body produce more collagen. You can find copper in foods like oysters, whole grain breads and cereals, dark green leafy vegetables, nuts, shellfish and my personal favorite…chocolate. Watch out because too much copper can be can be dangerous. You’re body does not need much of it.

So while it may be easier to take that collagen capsules, sometimes getting it from a more natural source  proves more effective.

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