5 Tips 4 Fitting In2 Summer

Summer is just around the corner and that means, we have 80 days to trim out the good stuff we all love to hate and get to munching on those healthy snacks, like carrots! 

Here are 5 of our favorite tricks, that won’t drive you into a crazy fitness routine, but will help you  slide perfectly into that Summer wardrobe. 

5 Tips 4 Fitting In2 Summer …. 

  1. Snack, Snack, Snack: A key to staying healthy and not binge eating unhealthy foods is ‘snacking‘ … By eating multiple small meals throughout the day, you are adding balance to your diet. Whether pairing ‘Carrots and Hummus‘ or ‘Celery and Sunflower Seed Butter‘ or ‘Low Calorie Popcorn‘ .. these are all perfect options for maintaining a healthy snacking filled diet!
  2. B Soda FREE: Sodas are bursting with Sugar and Sodium … Sodium causes you to retain water, which is never good during Summer beach season and we can think of Sugars as just needless pounds! A great substitute, which we love is ‘La Coix‘ Sparkling Water! Y? The waters are flavored, so they help you feel like you are indulging in a treat, but they are sodium and sugar FREE, which = Calorie FREE! 
  3. Yoga N’ Walk: Exercise is an obvious solution to staying healthy, but if you are like me and not a fan of strenuous workouts, YOGA is always a good choice, especially when you attend a beginners class, where you don’t have to be an expert, but still burn the calories! Walking is also a perfect solution, so if you aren’t great on the treadmill, make weekly trips to Target and Super Market as part of your workout! 
  4. Lean Pro-TEIN: Moderation is key with staying healthy and ship shaping those curves for Summa! Make sure to include LEAN Protein like Fish and Egg Whites in your diet, pair with healthy vitamin filled green veggies and salads to ensure balance. A fun option to change up your eating routine, is to make some days ‘Vegan Days‘ and make breakfast, lunch and dinner zesty, full of veggies and fruits!
  5. Treat Yourself: Don’t deprive yourself… the key to staying healthy is treating yourself to something special once a week. I personally am prone to ‘Friyay – CarbDay‘ and I live for Gluten Free Pasta Friday’s! But, fulfill your craving once a week and it will give you something delicious to indulge in and look forward to! 

P.s.s. Cheers to Summer with Wine, instead of Alcohol that comes filled with sugars and calories!!!