Blast From The Past At Cafe Roval

If you make your way to the Upper Eastside of Miami, you’ll find a non-descript limestone house, covered in vines and twinkling lights. 
It’s Cafe Roval. You’ll never know about some of their delectable dishes if you don’t walk in. 

The walk to get to your table includes a nice view of nature and a large fountain at the center of the lot. Still all under twinkling lights. 

The 1920s home and the look that is tru to the era makes you feel like you’ve stepped out of Miami’s stuffy cuisine scene. It’s a step back in time, an appreciation for the food, and not how it’s sold to you. Simply good food. 

And also good wine. Take a gander before grabbing a bite. Good prices. 

Skip the pulpo platter. It’s too much tomato anyway and move on to their cheeseboard. 

You’ve got hard cheese, soft cheese, and somewhere in the middle -paired with onion jelly and apricot marmalade. Oh and honey. That pairs great.  

Some good conversations later, move on to the main meal. Either one is good – their Osso Buco or Malbec Braised Short Ribs. You can’t go wrong with those. 

The Osso Buco, paired with a port wine sauce, orzo and vegetables, is a great portioned dish even for sharing. The meat just melts off. Wow.

And the Malbec Braised Short Rib. We’ll consider that an adventure of wine and great meat. 

Each dish is made from locally sourced ingredient. Think fresh, tasty and just simply good quality food. 

Don’t forget dessert! Their rich chocolate cake or strawberries and cream paired with Madeira or port is a good way to wrap up this blast from the past. 

Bon Apetit!

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