Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday… 

Our lives can sometimes seem a struggle, day in and day out, we are faced with the adversities that hang on the bounds of the trials and tribulations we are given by the universe. 

This past weekend I experienced a magically faith filled evening at #NightOfHope with Joel Osteen and his family; sharing in their testimonials and truth with an arena full of thousands and thousands of people was inspiring to say the least. 

Believing in something bigger than yourself is a big leap of faith and that was one of the biggest messages I took with me from #NightOfHope. You have to choose the path you see for yourself in your life. Act on your path, by believing that with your faith anything is possible. 

“Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude is going to determine how you’re going to live your life.”     – Joel Osteen

YOU are the only person who can CHOOSE how YOU want to live YOUR life. 

Go forth without fear, be positive and be grateful because your journey belongs to YOU. It is your responsibility to be good and share your good with the rest of the world. 

Don’t forget to go into this season of forgiveness with your heart full of determination, hope and faith.