5 Things To Toss While Moving

It’s time to pack up your stuff (for lack of a better word) and get moving. 
But let’s say, like most of us, you have a lot of said …stuff and we’ re not talking about emotional baggage here. 

What to keep and what to toss is key, especially if you’re moving in with your beau. 

Okay let’s get to it. Here’s what you need and what you don’t. Remember, it’s just a thing. What’s important is your experience and memories. 

Old Clothes 

If you haven’t worn it in a year, it’s out! Follow that rule of thumb, except when it’s an evening gown. You know there is always a sale and outdated clothing is you in your best light.  

Electronics Gathering Dust 

That old iPod can go away now. What do you need it for? Copy your old music to your computer and put it on your phone or better yet, get a newer version. It probably doesn’t work after all the upgrades now anyways. Unless you’re using it as a paperweight, toss it! This goes for any other electronics you don’t use. 

Tattered Shoes 

No, no,no … of the heel looks like you’ve been running in a field, get it out of your closet. You can get a nice pair of heels for as cheap as $20. Just skip a couple of lattes and you have a new pair of shoes. 

Empty That Beauty Cabinet 

As a girl, we have a lot of beauty products from make-up remover to that mask that has clay from some remote place you’ve never heard of, let alone pronounce. Check expiration dates and if it’s not good, get rid of it. If you have two of the same thing, consolidate it. Try to organize it in your new spot by face, hair, and body. 

Bad Decor 

If it’s something that you feel doesn’t represent you anymore, either donate it, give it to a friend or toss it. By minimizing your decorative items, you’ll have less clutter and may need less furniture to hold all of it. Consider it a process towards simplicity. 

Be honest with yourself! No maybe I’ll use it laters. Good luck and happy moving!