Wine, Bites & Good Company

It’s a typical date night in a not-so typical place. 

Walk into CIBO in Coral Gables and you’ll quickly find out it’s not you’re casual and quiet spot but oh it’s fun.

Oh and the food. It’s delicious.

Break your carb diet and reach for some of their warm rosemary bread. Dip it into the olive oil and chow away.  

Looking for something to pick at, order their prosciutto & formaggio charcuterie platter.

Pair that with an Italian bottle of red or white and some good conversation. 

Moving on to the main dish for your main squeeze. 

Their  homemade pasta tastes like there’s a nonna in the kitchen making it for you using her family’s recipe passed down from generation to generation. 

Not but really, you should check there’s not an old Italian grandma making it in the back. 

To step it up, try their juicy Chianti  Braised Short Ribs paired with polenta and crispy onions to give it that extra zing.

All the way sipping your wine and stopping for a laugh and story or two. 

If you’re not feeling full yet, opt for dessert and, if the date is going well, a machiatto to continue the night. 

Ciao Bella!