Opt For Fun In The Sun 

Summer is over for most students but that doesn’t mean we’re not able to have a little fun on the weekend.

Opt for the sun! But before you do make sure you’re protected and ready to go.

Block It 

Get sunscreen and out it on 15 minutes before walking out into the sun. A tan is always great but not with a side of skin cancer.

Water Isn’t Just For Swimming

Make sure you’re hydrated and stay that way! Sun and dehydration make for a nasty migraine! That’ll spoil the day. 


Bring some bites to nibble on during your fun in the sun outing whether it’s the beach, the pool or a day at the park. 

Something To Read 

Bring something you can scroll through while laying out and it shouldn’t just be your phone. 


Make sure to reapply block every couple of hours or after you’ve been sweating a lot. 

Have fun!