Top Shopping Apps

Looking to fill your closets to just get the bare essentials,opt for an app.

It’s convenient. You don’t have to make lines, get pushed, deal with rude workers or even push through a bunch of clothes. 

You can shop from your bed!

I do it to streamline my life and spend my time better. 

Interested? Try these babies out. Some of them even have in store pick up so you don’t have to pay for shipping.


From your cleaning to your clothes, Target has everything! Everything! Did I say everything? You have free shipping or in-store pick up at your nearest location. That’s convenient! Don’t forget to check out their sales.


Simple and neat – and I’m not just talking about their app. They’re clothes is trendy yet heavy on adorable basics. You can look trendy while saving time by shopping on their app. 


For those on a tight  budget, you’ve met your match and it doesn’t include hours of looking through stuff at a store. The Walmart app has low priced everything, enough to not break your budget. Yoi can get  anything from food to luggage there and you can even pick up your order in stores. 

Uber Eats 

A girl’s got to eat! Take out the hassle and time by having it delivered to you with the same company that lugs you from place to place on the weekends.

Nordstrom Rack 

Back from food to fashion, this app offers some major deals and they have a great return policy! Shop all clothes/ accessories from store brands to designer! The app is your oyster! 

Happy hunting! 


The Y Life