STOP Bullying NOW.


It doesn’t get more important than the conversation, which is continually needed to raise awareness against— BULLYING. 

Yet again, we have lost another innocent and beautiful soul to the repercussions of bullying. Thursday, a 13-year-old boy from Staten Island, took his own life after fellow students from his school bullied him mercilessly.

Our prayers go out to Danny Fitzpatrick’s family… We pray that his soul finds its eternal peace.

In a note Danny left behind, he described his ordeal of dealing with bullies at his private Catholic school… Yet, four words stood out to me from the letter, as the young child pleaded through his words—

 “They did it constantly…”

His experience had become a nightmare— a nightmare not many people are ready to deal with. This is a reality. From schools, to the safe net within the home, in certain situations parents in the home aren’t even truly equipt with the knowledge necessary, with which to deal and frankly neither are teachers.

We must take the initiative to adjust how adults not only deal with these situations, but the example that adults are setting in the home.

It’s a fact that Children across our nation are crying themselves to sleep with the pain of being taunted every single night. The self-doubt of the pain from words are eating them alive, because not every human is equipped with the ability to use the rage from the victimization, as a tool to fight back.

Many children are just walking through their lives with their hearts silently crying out for help— from every pore of their inner being and yet with that, we have the audacity to just sit around and not take a stand for what is right, in this life.

This is an incredulous weight to bear for the entire future of a generation. Our lives are not scenes from a movie— we cannot simply wash away the fear, despair and pain once it is etched upon a soul— it is impossible.

In fact, I am here to tell you, that even when you’ve done everything within your power to overcome bullying— when push comes to shove that child is still inside of your soul and their spirit finds its way back to situations you will face going into your future.

The Fitzgerald family held funeral services in West Brighton today.

If you have NEVER been bullied… You will NEVER understand.

But for God Sake, TRY!