Top Weekend Trips

Looking for a little adventure outside of your comfort zone but can’t seem to find it in your area? 

How about a trip? 

Airports can be quite stressful but the destination will definitely be worth it. even if you’re on a budget, some of these spots won’t break the bank. 

New York City 

Get a whiff of the New York air! It might not smell all that fresh but the city has fun nights and adventures to offer. Check out their dive bars or trendy spots. It has something for everyone and so many deals on last minute flights and hotels. 


Go watch the Bears take a couple of swings or walk the streets and visit nearby bars. There’s plenty of deals! 


Your the historic streets near Boston Harbor and eat some of their famous northeast seafood! It’s a college town as well so there is a lot of movement! Just make sure you can keep up!