Lisa Frank is BACK!

Lisa Frank


Having grown up in the 90s Millennials are VERY aware of Lisa Frank!

In fact, if one of your notebooks in elementary school didn’t have a rainbow cheetah printed on it, with neon accents, I surmise you may have been living under a rock!

When I awoke this morning to the news that Lisa Frank was Back’ with a clothing line, sized perfectly to fit the adult child in each and every Millennial, I just about screamed like a little girl at her first Spice Girls concert… Oh Wait… That was me, 20 years ago!

Let’s go back in time a little and get a bit of history on Lisa Frank… 

Frank founded the Lisa Frank Incorporated in Tucson, Arizona in 1979 at the age of 24, apparently even her headquarters are ‘Franked’ and can be seen decorating the side of the building with the bright hearts, stars, and music notes she is so famous for!

Her artwork features tons of neon colors and these unique stylized depictions of animals, like: dolphins, pandas, and unicorns. In the 80s and 90s, her products were IT, they were the MUST buy school supplies, her lunch boxes were a tradition, and Lisa Frank stickers were used at the trading post with Strawberry Shortcake in the other hand!

Let’s be real– if you were among elementary and middle school-age during the 90s and you didn’t have Lisa Frank on you, your cool factor was like a ZERO!

Now she is back, bringing with her every ounce of nostalgia we once had for the good ol’ 90s– but with her own fashion line! I’m talking shirts, sweatshirts, leggings just everything you need to complete your 2016 wardrobe! It’s almost as though Millennials are looking for a Rewind on their lives, a Take 2 if you will, a chance at redemption and another shot at doing the years of their lives they maybe, sort of regret all over again… right? 

Lisa Frank, Another potential Clinton Presidency, Pokemon… 

See what I mean?! 

Well, I have to run I’m headed to go hunting for some miniature butterfly clips for my hair…

You Know That’s Next! 

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