Like Nothing Ever Ends…


Sometimes life imitates art. You are watching TV or a Movie and something just clicks… Right?

That is exactly what happened to me this weekend, as I was watching ‘The Perfect Match’– cute enough movie, but it had one really interesting line that stayed with me.

“Circles are good for you. They make you feel like nothing ever ends.”

In all honesty, that has to be the truest of phrases I had heard in a long time, and it got me to thinking…

Everything comes to an end…


There is a certain level of hope that is attached to the euphoric ideal that if life just went around there would be no end. It’s kind of like the vows of marriage, right?

Till death do us part, it’s assumed to be a forever love… or the life everlasting depending on your faith– they are ideals of life that go round and round, with a circular motion binding the feeling, instead of seeing the end point. It is as if you lose the hope attached to forever, when you find yourself at an end point.

Be Inspired. Live as though your LOVE will never End.